How to Properly Maintain your Garage Door

Our members are frequently called out to repair or replace garage doors that could have been easily saved by proper maintenance. It’s cheap and easy to care for your garage door – a lot cheaper and easier than having to pay for repairs, or a completely new door.

At Garage Door Guild, we’re here to help. Save yourself a lot of money, time and stress by reading our tips for keeping your garage door in top shape below.

The process

Firstly, it’s essential to keep your garage door clean and free from dirt and grit. We recommend using soapy water and a lambswool or microfibre cloth to wash your door down. Next, rinse the door with clean water and ensure it is dried. Ensure that you do this regularly – you need to remember to do this every four months.

Top tip: If you have a roller door, remember to open the door by a few inches to separate the slats and thoroughly wash any grit trapped within the joins of the slats. 

Next, you must ensure that the door is consistently free from any obstruction within the garage. This is especially important for canopy up and over doors. Canopy up and over doors are vulnerable here because the cables can easily jump off the door if the top of the door catches shelving or a box within the garage. Regardless of the garage door you have, it’s vital to keep the door free from obstruction when closing, to ensure the door doesn’t suffer any damage or become misaligned.

Any springs, tracks, wheels and cables should be oiled every six months. Use a light spray oil, not a heavy oil or grease. 

Top tip: Grease shouldn’t be applied to the tracks of a door, as this can cause the door to become stiff during operation. During the winter, grease can freeze, causing unexpected issues with the gate. However, grease can be useful around spigots for springs where friction occurs. 

Finally, having your door serviced annually is essential to ensure that everything is in good condition and safe. Some issues are very difficult to notice to the naked eye, so it’s best to leave it to the experts. Garage door components can work loose, and a regular service will address these issues. Contact your local Garage Door Guild member today to book a service, using our simple and easy-to-use Directory


So, to recap:

  1. CLEAN your garage door thoroughly at least once every four months.
  2. CLEAR the area surrounding your garage door of any obstruction.
  3. LUBRICATE any springs, tracks, wheels and cables with a light spray oil every six months.
  4. SERVICE your garage door annually from an approved Garage Door Guild member. 

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