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At Garage Door Guild, our priority is to remain fast-paced, adaptable and current. We are, first and foremost, a garage door trade group, and we want to behave like one, achieving real change.

A Better Garage Door Experience; For Everybody

Garage Door Guild is a trade group set up exclusively for the improvement of the garage door industry. We are solely dedicated to raising industry standards. Think of us as your one-stop shop for advice, information and anything else garage door related.

We are building a network of Garage Door Guild-approved members that you can trust and guarantee quality. You can find your local GDG-approved members on our Directory, which is just part of our plan to make the buying journey as easy for the consumer as possible. From start to finish, a GDG-approved member would guarantee high-quality results and safety - leaving your garage with a stunning, secure finish. 

Elsewhere, on our website, you can find bundles of information and advice to ensure you are best-equipped in your garage door buying journey. From our Garage Door Selector, which clearly demonstrates the features, pros and cons of 22 types of garage door, to our Setting Expectations page, we really do have you covered. 

An industry filled with skilled, committed installers needs infrastructure that matches the skill of the individual. This is why Garage Door Guild has been established. Please read below to find a bit more about our background and our Founder to give you a better idea of our ethos and how we want to move forwards.

Our Story

Garage Door Guild was founded by Ashley Wright in 2022, with his extensive experience in the garage door industry leading him to believe a UK-wide trade representation for garage door specialists was needed, to better the industry in every department.

During his career, he has experienced first-hand some of the challenges and positives the garage door industry has to offer. So, Garage Door Guild was founded to create a strong network of like-minded people, to help achieve a level of product and installation quality, share industry success and achievements and look to recognise industry improvements.

Ashley started his career working for a well-known garage door installation company, and progressed through the business, becoming a company Director for their wholesale operation. He had the opportunity to develop products for the industry, establishing supply chains from the Far East and securing sales opportunities in the US.

During his time working in the US, Ashley was approached by the International Door Association (IDA). The IDA wanted to expand their international presence and offered him the position. Ashley joined the board as an international ambassador in 2019. He found his time on the board to be very insightful, from board meetings to industry matters, giving him ideas on how the industry could be improved.

Being an association, decision making had to be secured by most of the board, meaning that some decisions could take 3-9 months or more, and so making changes and developing the industry could prove difficult and inefficient.

Reflecting on his time with the IDA, he didn’t want Garage Door Guild to be constrained by red tape, and therefore the decision was made to not register Garage Door Guild as an association.

Ashley now runs his own successful installation business. He is very passionate and enthusiastic about the industry, and lives and breathes anything garage doors.

Whilst Garage Door Guild will be run by Ashley, he will form a committee of members who will be involved in business matters for the organisation. GDG’s vision is to be fully transparent, and above all, to get things done.

Words from our Founder

"I grew up with garage doors, as my Father started his garage door career in the late 1980s. I love everything about garage doors, they are a great product to work with and install. Having worked in other industries, I really value and appreciate how our industry works and the passion we all share.

My enthusiasm for the industry and experience to date has enabled me to really see where it can improve, and the steps that are required to do so. With no unified body in the UK for the industry, the issues the industry faces, ranging from non-compliant garage doors to a decline in standards, are far better tackled together.

I have founded GDG to make a positive impact on our industry. I’d like to create a more professional and informed industry, create a clearer buying journey for homeowners, resolve challenges, look to support better training, and share positive news and success stories.

Our members are really important to us and we want them to be involved as much as possible. The industry is made by the people in it, and this is something to be incredibly proud of - we want to put them at the forefront of our movement.

Real change and success cannot happen overnight, and so it will take a lot of hard work and organisation from myself, the committee, and all members of GDG. We are very committed and determined to achieve what we want to achieve, and we won’t stop until we have."

Ashley Wright


About us - Ashley Wright

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