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Build a New Garage

Every garage is different. It’s important to know your garage well before installation.

When building a new opening for a garage door, we recommend that you thoroughly consider the type of door that will be installed.

Garage doors all require different installation methods, and the way in which the opening has been made will impact how the door looks aesthetically. It’s therefore important that you seek the advice of a Garage Door Guild member. There are many considerations at play:

Case Study: A

A garage required tanking, which affected the available headroom inside the garage. The homeowner wanted to park their car inside the garage. In this case, the only solution was the SWS Vertico.

Case Study: B

A homeowner had a newly built garage, the roller door was installed behind the opening and render finished to the door.

Case Study: C

A homeowner had a newly built garage with brick/block work with an exposed cavity. This meant that the reveals were clad with UPVC to conceal the clockwork and cavity.

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