Cheap Roller Doors

Non-compliant garage doors are a thorn in our industry’s side. Learn how to ensure they don’t become a thorn in yours.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of roller doors available for a budget price, some even lower than £900. We have serious concerns about these doors because these roller doors are commonly linked to being unsafe and dangerous.

Our members commonly experience doors that have collapsed into the garage, narrowly missing a person or car. These doors are generally supplied by companies that manufacture and install the door themselves and then provide their own warranty. These are all major red flags, and the warranty on these doors is generally quite low - only 12 months in most cases.

These doors being of low quality also makes them much easier to break into, and we know how expensive and precious belongings in garages can be. We ran examples for a cheap roller doors against a good-quality garage door from a Garage Door Guild approved manufacturer to show how vast the difference is.

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We are deeply concerned about the safety systems used, as in some cases, the doors are operated on a ‘hold to run’ function, which requires the button to be held down on the remote to close the door.

These doors may seem appealing as they are on the cheaper side, but they put you at risk, and you may end up paying significantly more, for repairs and a new garage door in most cases.

We must stress that we do not support the installation of any roller door that uses a hold to run function via remote control. This should only be used with key or rocker switches.

See our video from a homeowner sharing her experience with an unsafe roller door.

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We recommend checking the following before purchasing a roller door:

The damage these doors can do:

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