GDG Code of Business Conduct

These are the absolute guidelines by which Garage Door Guild (GDG) members are to follow in their interactions and relationships with their customers/clients, competitors, employees and suppliers. Failure to comply with our Code of Business Conduct (CBC) may result in the termination of your membership.


Customer Experience & Satisfaction

Customer experience and satisfaction should be of utmost priority to GDG members. We ask members to understand their customers’ needs, establish expectations and deliver the best possible completion of every project. Members should resolve all complaints swiftly and in an appropriate manner, with the customer at the forefront of each and every decision they make.



GDG members should always remain honest with their customers and suppliers. GDG members should not engage in misleading sales techniques and practices, and all should achieve customer satisfaction and uphold standards in accordance with UK consumer laws. When honesty isn’t used, whether intentional or by mistake, rectifying the issue(s) at hand should be in the best possible way, i.e. with as little impact on the customer.


Product Compliance

GDG members are required only to supply and use products that are manufactured in accordance with UK regulations, ensuring utmost compliance and safety. Adhering to any and all regulations and laws is imperative to not only the industry but also to our ethos. This is also for the welfare of everyone involved.


Responsible Conduct

GDG members should not under any circumstance engage in any conduct or business practices likely to discredit the garage door industry. All members must behave in a responsible manner and maintain our credibility with customers/clients, competitors, employees and suppliers.



GDG members should ensure that every service they provide, no matter the size of the project, is carried out in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, building regulations and in a safe manner. Please do not carry out any project(s) if you’re unable to fulfil the aforementioned in a safe and constructive way.



Marketing collateral, including but not limited to company and product literature, letters, leaflets and any other type of communication, should be honest and not make misleading claims, be inaccurate or otherwise misrepresent company, products, services, pricing or warranties. You should also not claim any GDG marketing material to be your own, i.e. rebrand or manipulate the data represented for your own gain. Any and all material you have access to, whether online or offline, is All Rights Reserved (©) and property of Garage Door Guild.



GDG members should always provide a safe working environment for anyone in the vicinity of where work is being carried out, including but not limited to customers/clients, competitors, employees and suppliers. You must always comply with safety regulations. GDG members shall provide information to customers regarding the safety features of products and safety precautions that should be taken in the safe operation and proper maintenance of a door system.


Contracts & Documentation

All GDG members must pledge that every quote, estimate, proposal, contract or similar documentation for any products and services they offer shall comply with applicable UK law and they will fulfil the terms of said documentation. GDG members should correctly record the Declaration of Conformity where applicable and ensure the customer receives their copy. All necessary manufacturer documentation should be left with the customer, with evidence of the customer's acknowledgement and should be traceable, preferably digitally, where possible.


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