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22 types of garage door, all in one place.

We know that choosing a new garage door can be particularly daunting. Manual, automatic, insulated, non-insulated, up & over, side hinged… all with their own list of materials and types. It can be a real headache. At Garage Door Guild, we’re here to help you avoid those headaches and give you the best buying journey possible.

That starts with breaking down the pros, cons and features of every garage door you can think of. If you’ve been through our Garage Door Selector and you’re still not sure, then please don’t hesitate to contact your local Garage Door Guild member for friendly and professional advice.
Garage Door Selector - Manual Doors

Manual Doors

Manual garage doors are available in lots of options, including a variety of cost effective choices.

Automated Doors

Automated doors are there for your convenience. Open your garage door and barely lift a finger.

Find Your Local Installer

Get expert advice, quotes and more from our friendly and trustworthy installers, all of whom have been vetted by our professional team.

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