Automated Non Insulated Doors


Automated Non-Insulated Doors

Learn more about automated non-insulated doors by selecting between side hinged, up & over or sectional doors.

Automated Non Insulated Doors -Up and Over Doors (Automated)

Up & Over Doors

Classic, easy to maintain and quick to install, up-and-over doors have great benefits. They’re also very space-efficient, but consider the increased expense of automating these more traditional doors.

Roller Doors

Roller doors offer convenience in their durability and they save a lot of space, as they open vertically. They are quite limited in appearance however, and remember that they’re a lot more popular when automated.

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are attractive, offer great security, maximise space and they are easy to automate. This means they can be installed in virtually any garage. Keep in mind the cost and maintenance of these first.

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