Manual Non Insulated Doors


Manual Non-Insulated Doors

Learn more about manual non-insulated doors by selecting between side hinged and up & over doors.

Side Hinged Doors

One word - versatility. They open like a normal door, so walking in and out is easy, and they’re available in a variety of materials and colours. Consider whether you have space for the hinges to swing outwards.

Up & Over Doors

Budget-friendly, classic and offering a variety of choices, there’s good reason why up-and-over doors are so popular. Consider the weight of lifting the door above your head.

Roller Doors

Roller doors offer convenience in their durability and they save a lot of space, as they open vertically. They are quite limited in appearance however, and remember that they're a lot more popular when automated.

Sectional Doors

These doors look great, are available in various colours and provide their own natural insulation with a rubber seal. If you're at this point though, you've probably got a budget-first approach - and these are a more expensive choice.

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