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Garage Door Servicing

Save yourself money, time and danger by keeping your garage door in great shape.

Servicing your garage door is important to maintaining a manufacturer's guarantee and assisting in a safe, reliable function of the door.

We recommend that you have your garage door serviced annually by an approved Garage Door Guild member.

Many garage doors are fitted with cables and springs - parts that remain under high tension. This can stress the fixing points that these cables and springs are attached to, meaning that they are more susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore, it's important to have these parts frequently checked.

This is both for safety reasons, and has financial benefits - a lack of servicing can lead to expensive repair bills, as parts may need replacing if the door mechanism fails.

All moving parts, with the exception of belt driven openers, should be frequently lubricated with a suitable light spray oil. Due to the conditions garage doors are installed within, many parts attract dust, dirt and cobwebs. All moving parts should be kept clean and lubricated to maintain a smooth-running door.

We recommend regularly cleaning your garage door by washing dirt and grit from its surface. This will help maintain the look of your door and help avoid corrosion. We recommend cleaning your door every 2-3 months. Manufacturers may not uphold warranties if the door hasn't been properly cared for.

if you notice that something doesn't look, sound or feel right, contact your local Garage Door Guild member immediately.

Case Study: A

Mrs Thomson from Tunbridge Wells, who runs a business from home, ran into trouble with her roller door. Her colleague was working in the garage when the lifting straps failed, and the door dropped down, trapping her colleague inside. She called for an emergency appointment to repair the door. All four straps were broken and required replacing.

She later admitted that two of the straps had been broken for over 3 months. Not acting sooner and refraining from servicing cost her emergency repairs and the emotional stress of having a colleague trapped inside the garage.

Case Study: B

Mrs Jones from Kent tried to open her garage door, which collapsed and dropped on top of her car.

A lack of maintenance of this door left Mrs Jones in an emergency situation to remove the door and free her car from the garage. If she had the door properly maintained and serviced, failing components would have been recognised, preventing costly call out fees.

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