12 Reasons Why

Why Join Us

We’ve compiled twelve reasons why, if you’re associated with the garage door industry, joining Garage Door Guild is a clear choice. From support to acknowledgement to letting you be heard, we pledge to put our members at the heart of what we do.

12 Reasons Why



This is an opportunity to join an enthusiastic and dedicated community, where we want to get things done.



Joining Garage Door Guild would give you the ability to network with leading industry members and meet those who can help really make a difference, together.



You can be part of an organisation that truly cares about standards and sets guidelines to ensure what’s best for our industry.


Eradicate Piracy

We want to create a strong network to really tackle industry-related issues, issues which we are far better equipped to tackle when united, such as the rise in non compliant garage doors.


Quality Marketing

This is an opportunity to be a part of an exclusive community, with access to high-level marketing collateral that represents a common interest in the public eye.


Action & Change

We are an organisation passionate about action and change, and we won’t stop until we achieve what we want to achieve.



Customers acknowledge and appreciate what we set out to achieve – this would be a membership to be proud of as well as being an advocate.


Support & Advice

We can offer support and advice in handling product, client or manufacturer related issues, where our strength in numbers and expertise can be vital.


Centre of Knowledge

We commit to releasing consistent information and support in developing knowledge - making our industry better and more informed than it’s ever been.


Collaborate & Be Heard

Our entire base is centred around collectivism – sharing ideas, and helping each other to become more professional, efficient, and successful. We want to give everybody in our industry, at all levels, a chance to be listened to, have a voice and make real suggestions with actionable change.



We want to put the customer first, always. With that in mind, we will always try to improve the buying journey, with the aim to make the entire process clearer and easier for customers, with satisfaction guaranteed at every interval.



Garage Door Guild will provide all members a listing on our directory, where you'll be able to display information about your business. Our ethos is based on building a base that customers can trust.

Please note that there is no payment required for joining us at this stage as this is a soft launch – it’s as simple as entering your details and waiting for our marketing team to get in touch with more information

£349 £299 PER ANNUM

Save £50 when you register before 30th September 2022 or £35 per month

Have another location?

Add additional locations for only £100 per annum per location or £10 per month


Let's Take Action, Together

Join us in our vision to make the garage door industry the very best it can be. We can only do it collectively.

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