Why Non-Compliant Roller Doors Are on the Rise

What are Non-Compliant Roller Doors?

In all walks of life and any industry, people like going for a cheaper option. Why wouldn’t you? As purse strings tighten in response to a cost of living crisis, this has only become more true. Whilst this isn’t usually a problem, this demand is creating serious issues for the garage door industry and our consumers, and it has been for years.

These problems have come in the form of a rise in cheap ‘non-compliant’ roller doors built by manufacturers that are not approved, and often do not comply with UK regulations. These are also then installed to a poor standard, making for a dangerous process for both the installer and the consumer.

What’s the issue with them?

These doors are dangerous for a variety of reasons. They are far more vulnerable to collapse, which our members’ customers have experienced – some narrowly missing the collapsing door and some being trapped inside the garage. This could have resulted in serious injury.

Non-compliant roller doors are also much easier to break into, putting your belongings, not just in your garage but in your home, at risk.

One red flag and significant issue with these doors is that they are typically supplied with a 12-month warranty. In our members’ experience, these doors sometimes only last 15-18 months. Conversely, a roller door provided by a reputable garage door company would generally come with a 5 year product warranty.

Why are they on the rise?

These doors’ production, supply and installation have been on the rise as they offer an attractive price, far below the cost of roller doors supplied by reputable garage door companies. Prices are usually £900 and below, and we have come across some roller doors that are sold for as little as £645.

This issue has been so common with roller doors, and is almost exclusive to roller doors, because they are a much easier product to make on-site compared to other garage doors. This is because the doors are built with components that are easily assembled with the correct knowledge.

Learn more

If you want to learn more about what to look out for when buying a roller door to avoid purchasing a door of this kind, or you’re worried you’ve already had one installed, please read here for more information. This page also contains case studies of customers our members have met who have fallen victim to this trend.

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